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School Uniform and Personal Appearance

We ask all children to wear school uniform and we anticipate your co-operation on this matter.

There are choices for all children. Your child’s comfort and identity are important considerations for a successful  learning journey. We have high and reasonable expectations for all our pupils.


Shoulder-length or long hair should be tied back using discreet green or brown hair slides/ribbons. For safety reasons jewellery should not be worn in school. Children should not wear jewellery other than watches and small plain gold or silver stud earrings (which must be removed for PE). Parents who wish their child to have pierced ears should do so at the beginning of the Summer holidays so that there will be no need to wear the earrings in school.  If earrings are unable to be removed parents should supply micropore tape to cover. Nail varnish, hair colourant, tattoos, etc. are not permitted.


Pupils may wear

Grey knee-length skirt or tunic

Grey tailored trousers (straight leg design).

White shirt and school tie or monogrammed white polo shirt (a tie is not required with the polo shirt).

Green cardigan/sweatshirt/jumper.

White/grey socks or green/grey tights.

Black school shoes. The wearing of platform, wedge, other elevated heels or trainers is not permitted.

Monogrammed school fleece


Summer Term only

As above or

Green/white check dress.



Green shorts/skirt.

Yellow t-shirt.


Plain dark coloured Tracksuit trousers and top.



Please ensure that your child can cope with laces before buying laced shoes for school. In Reception, we request velcro straps for shoes as it helps with independence. We also request a pair of wellington boots (named) that will be left in the classroom for muddy or wet activities outdoors. Shoes should be suitable for school activities.  Children do run around a lot especially outdoors!


All school uniform required may be purchased from:

School Days Direct Ltd

20A Buckingham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4QA

T: 01628 665353







Examples of School Uniform


School Days Direct - Updated Flyer


 Updated flyer regarding appointments and purchasing uniform for when the store can re-open in April.


A new user-friendly experience to purchase Dorney School uniform online! See flyer below for more information on how to order online!

Look how you have helped!

The poster displays how many plastic bottles you have helped save from going into landfill by  purchasing our ‘Eco’ V-neck sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts from the start of 2021 up until now!