Respect - Collaborate - Grow

Our Staff

School Staff for the Academic Year 2019-2020


Everyone who works at Dorney School has an important part to play and is a valued member of the staff.  The emphasis at the school is on teamwork.


Meet the team:


Mr O Lloyd

Deputy Headteacher Mrs S Lee
SENDCo Miss S Davies
Safeguarding Officers Mr O Lloyd - Headteacher
  Mrs S Lee (Lead)
  Miss S Davies (Deputy)
  Mrs J Barnard (Deputy)
  Mr R Keshvara (Safeguarding Governor)
Business Manager Mrs L Williams
School Secretary Mrs J Townsend
Foundation Stage Teacher Miss S Chana
Year 1 Teacher Mrs L Robson 
Year 2 Teacher Miss Davies and Mrs Lee
Year 3 Teacher Mrs Cox
Year 4 Teacher Mrs E Strydom
Year 5 Teacher Mrs L Ross-Wood and Mrs M Chaggar
Year 6 Teacher Mrs J Barnard
Teaching Assistants Mrs E Hughes  HLTA
  Mrs H Lockwood
  Mrs A Maguire
  Mrs L Thompson
  Mrs D Devalekar
  Mrs E Disney   HLTA
  Mrs L Marks
  Mrs S Austin
  Mrs S Bannister
Health & Safety Officer Mr M Brennan
Lunchtime Controllers Mrs S Austin  (Team Leader tbc)
  Mrs D Moule
  Mrs F Razeen
  Mrs N Minhas
  Mr P Robey
  Mrs S Bannister
  Mrs L Marks
  Mrs A MacKenzie
Librarian Mrs H Lockwood
Walk to School Leader Mrs H Lockwood