Dorney School

The Little Village School with a Big Heart

Our School

Our School


Our school is in a small rural setting located in the village of Dorney Reach. The School has been on the current site since 1959. Previously it was located in Dorney Village, not far from Dorney Common, where it had been since 1875.  ‘The Old School House’ still exists as a private residence. Rather unusually, the village and school emblem is a pineapple! This dates back to 1661, when the first pineapple to be cultivated in England was at Dorney Court.


At Dorney School we have three Houses. These are named after the three locks in the local vicinity; BOULTERS (Blue House), BOVENEY (Yellow House) and BRAY (Red House). 


Boveney and Bray are the closest locks to Dorney Lake on the Berkshire-Buckinghamshire border, which hosted the rowing events during the 2012 Olympic Games.  Bray lock was built in 1845 due to difficult navigation for boats and barges.


At Dorney we pride ourselves on the family atmosphere that permeates all aspects of school life, providing children with the genuine care and nurturing that they need to thrive.  Links with our local community help us to build relationships with groups and individuals who will provide positive role models for our children.


Dorney School sits on the very edge of Buckinghamshire and supports children aged 4-11 years old.  We have seven classes of approximately thirty children led by a team of dedicated, professional and caring staff.