Dorney School

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PE and Sports Premium

PE and Sport Grant 2021/22

Dorney School will receive a total of £17,680 (Awaiting confirm by DFE), based on the January 2021 Census, for PE and Sport funding for 2021/22. This will contribute to Dorney School’s drive to continue to raise the profile of sport and Physical Education.

Allocation of funds:

1. Membership of ‘Sports Partnership’.
2. Enhancing Dorney’s resources.
3. Further professional development for teachers
4. External specialists to deliver a variety of sports sessions across all year groups

5. Introducing a variety of new sports clubs, both during school hours and after school.

Funding breakdown:



1. Sports Partnership’ membership


2. Resources


3. Professional development


4. External Specialist/New Clubs


5. New Equipment


6. Swimming - enhanced£3,000




Intended Impact:

1. Sports Partnership

This membership will provide opportunities to capitalise on coaching in specialist sports. It will also gain us access to local sporting competitions and events. The intended impact is to begin to grow a competitive edge with our pupils by raising the profile of sport.

2. Resources

The funding will be used to enhance our current sports resources. This will allow pupils to practice more sports than ever before. We have made a significant investment into a new climbing frame/trim trail, football, netball goals, rugby posts and table tennis tables. This ensures our pupils are increasingly active during break times.


3. Professional development

Our commitment to continued professional development related to PE and sport will allow our Subject Leader to further enhance her knowledge of planning and delivery of a diverse range of activities. We have also invested training in our HTLA to improve delivery of sports lessons. This expertise will then be delivered to all staff during one of our INSET days.


4. External specialist /Introduction to New Clubs

Throughout the academic year, professional coaches will visit Dorney and coach all pupils and staff in a range of specialist sports. Several new coaches are being approached as we widen our offering to Dorney pupils.  MAD academy spend a whole day in September 2021 to promote team work through sports.


5. Continued investment in New Sports Equipment


6. Swimming: 

  • Post covid re-instate swimming lessons from Spring 2022
  • Focus investment on ensuring the Upper Key Stage Two pupils achieve their required standard by the end of Year 6.


Your child should come to school wearing their PE kit on PE and Swimming days

(PE Slots - Revised 4th May 2022)