Dorney School

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Attendance and Punctuality

National School Attendance Award

Attendance and Punctuality


The school gates open at 8.30 a.m. a member of staff will meet the children on the playground where they can then enter the school building to head to their classrooms. The school gates close promptly at 8.45 a.m. 


Pupils arriving late must report to the school office via the front door to register their child in the Late Arrivals book.  (Parents should endeavour to have their children arrive no later than 8.45 a.m.) Once again, this is for safety reasons.  Our registers must be accurate at all times, in case of fire and emergency procedures.


We expect pupils to arrive and to be collected punctually at the start and end of each day.


Every day counts! It is vital that pupils arrive for school on time, every day.


Being in school as much as possible is so vital for our children. However being ill is something that can happen to everybody and of course if your child is too poorly to come to school then please do let us know by calling the school office. Children should not stay at home if they have minor coughs, colds or tummy aches. If your child is too poorly to remain at school, you will receive a call.


Absences can easily build up over a term.  A few days illness can quickly accumulate and the result is a lot of school missed and potentially serious gaps in learning. One days’ absence is equivalent to two sessions missed.


Think 90% Attendance is fine? – That’s half a day off school every week!



Requests for Leave of Absence


All requests for leave of absence must be made in advance by completing the school Leave of Absence request form, not less than one month before the proposed period of absence. The Headteacher will normally only approve the request if there are special circumstances relating to the application.  Every situation is different and will be based on the information provided. 


A Leave of Absence form can be found here