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Dorney Parish Council information for Dorney Resident

Neighbourhood Plan Presentation CHANGE OF DATE - The Neighbourhood Plan presentation will now take place on

Thursday 12th October, 7-9pm at DORNEY SCHOOL HALL.

For Dorney Residents.


Dorney Neighbourhood Plan


The Dorney Neighbourhood plan is an opportunity for the residents of Dorney to indicate

how they wish Dorney Parish to look over the next 15 years. All the feedback and ideas will

contribute to the plan which will be sent to Bucks County Council for agreement and adoption.


The key areas covered will be housing development, roads/traffic, environment, and welfare,

so it is really important.


Currently we have had a massive response to our questionnaire and excellent attendance at

our first two resident’s meetings.


We are now pleased to invite all Dorney Parish Residents to the upcoming Dorney

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting. This meeting marks a key moment in shaping the future of our

community and is the final chance to make a difference.


If you are a resident, please join us on Sunday, October 8th, 2023, at 6pm, at Dorney

Village Hall where we will present our plan, seek final feedback and look for our resident’s

acceptance in order to submit it to Bucks Council.


Attendance is vital as we complete the crucial next steps in completing the Neighbourhood Plan.


Please be a part of this important project and attend the meeting on the 8th of October, 6pm at Dorney Village Hall.


Your input really does matter


If you have any queries or wish to be kept up to date by email, please send your request to

Dorney Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Working Group