Dorney School

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Children's Mental Health week

As highlighted in the news, there is a ‘huge increase in children in mental health crisis’

Even younger children are presenting with poor mental health,    exacerbated by the lockdowns and anxiety over Coronavirus and its effects. Schools are crying out for more help and support in how to deal with this crisis, but with an already stretched NHS, historical and current underfunding, and rising costs, more and more schools, including Dorney are trying to support children themselves. All our class-based staff are mental health first aiders, trained to spot early signs of mental distress and through individual support, small group interventions and nurturing, we provide listening ears, counselling, mentoring and whole class activities to raise awareness and enhance well-being.

This week we will be talking about mental health, raising awareness and making sure all pupils know that no topic is ever taboo. One of the worst feelings is that of isolation, not being able to share how you feel and not knowing who to turn to. We are removing these barriers and we, as staff and parents, are our  children’s first role models. Let’s make it okay to talk about mental health!

A fabulous resource sent in by one of our parents! Sport in Mind