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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant 2017/18



Dorney School will receive a total of £15,700, based on 13 children’s eligibility for Pupil Premium funding.  This will contribute to additional learning support and enrichment opportunities.
Our school’s vision focuses on targeting the whole person. As such, our forward-thinking approach with Pupil Premium groups will ensure that our intervention is holistic and not purely focused on the academic, further capturing our ethos:

“…to be aspirational and have high expectations and enjoyment.”


Allocation of funds:
1.     Providing support in Reading, Writing and Maths, with the target of 85% (72% 16/17) of PP children meeting

        expected progress by the end of 2017/18 and 40% (33% 16/17) of PP Children exceeding expected progress.
2.     Providing extra-curricular enrichment opportunities
3.     Offering greater social opportunities
4.     Using the arts to enhance creative thinking and independent learning
Funding breakdown:

Initiative Cost
1. Specialist support to deliver Reading, Writing and Maths £11,500
2. Residential trips
     Swimming lessons
3. Before and After school club   £2,300
4. Music lessons      £500
Total £15,700
Intended Impact:
1. Support in Reading, Writing and Maths
  • Specialist intervention in Reading, Writing and Maths will narrow the gap in attainment between children receiving the pupil premium grant and their peers.
  • Clearly measurable impact of intervention based on half-termly assessments. Teachers will meet once every half-term to review targets and progress of all Pupil Premium students.
  • Teachers in the school have clear accountability for the performance of all children in their class that are receiving the funding.
2. Residential trips
  • The two trips focus on outside education and teamwork. It is intended that these projects will target softer skills that will promote confidence, problem solving and motivation.
3. Before and After school club
  • Focusing on socialisation, these sessions intend to enhance a sense of belonging as well as targeting collaboration and communication skills.
4. Music lessons
  • Music tuition throughout the year will develop creative thinking skills and promote independent learning.