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School Travel Policy

What is the School Travel Policy?

The main aim of the School Travel Policy (STP) is to reduce single occupancy car use on the school journey, by promoting and encouraging safe and sustainable travel.  Increasing sustainable travel helps to reduce congestion and pollution, as well as improving the health and fitness of children.


At Dorney School, we would like to reduce the number of children travelling to and from school by car as we know traffic and parking around the school is a huge concern.


We actively encourage our pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle to school as they:

  • keep us fit and healthy
  • help our pupils develop road safety skills which will keep them safe as they travel further afield and more independently
  • help keep our local air clean, and our streets free from congestion
  • are life skills that everyone should be able to benefit from


Where a car must be used we ask parents to drive only part of the way, and drop their child(ren) off away from the school so that some of the journey can be walked or scooted.  Parking is very restricted around the immediate school site.  We ask that parents do not use the staff car park and that visitors refrain from doing so where possible.  We also plead with anyone coming to our school to refrain from driving down or parking in Harcourt Close, the road leading up to the school.  There is ample parking in the village hall car park at the rear of the school.  We ask that you are courteous to oncoming cars whilst using this route.  Please be considerate to our local residents when parking nearby to the school.


Bike Week 6th - 12th June 2022

Your health, your climate, your pocket and your community are all better by bike. Take part in Bike Week from 6-12 June 2022.  ‘Bike week’ is not a bike to school week, however, if children choose to cycle to school this week that would be brilliant!  Send in your photos to the school office. Visit the links below to find out more….

Bike Week 2022 | Cycling UK

Organise a ride – if you would like to put on an event then there is all you need to know on our Register an event page and lots of information and materials to help ; Encourage your Workplace to take part in Bike Week – all you need to know is on our Workplaces page . Try something new – check out our Inspiration page, full of ideas and routes to explore this bike


Wednesday 4th May is an International Bike to School day. 


Please encourage your children to cycle or scoot to school on this day and explain that even 1 day makes a difference not just for our health, but for the environment too; there is less congestion and our communities might feel safer. Thank you.


Read more here:

Big Walk and Wheel 2022

To support our aim for a sustainable school and gain accreditation for our Travel Plan, please read carefully the letter below, on an event our pupils and families are encouraged to participate. It is the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2022 beginning 1st April.


Look who's scooting to school!  What have you done for the 'Big Walk and Wheel' week?




Just wanted to say how effective the Big walk and wheel event has been in our household.  R, normally a very reluctant cyclist, has been begging to try to cycle each day and even managed to cycle all the way from Jubilee River this morning. It’s not far but for a child who has only just moved on from stabilisers it’s a big thing! 




Walking to school!




Road Safety Week


In late November, pupils participated in Road Safety Week and produced some excellent work. Their work serves to remind us of our communal responsibility in keeping each other safe, on and off the roads.



            Belle - Year 2

                                                                               Josh - Reception class



                                Mustafa - Year 5




           Harriet - Year 6



                       Olivia - Year 4



                                                                                          Jared - Year 5



         Ruby and Grace - Year 5


We launched 'WOW 'only 2 weeks ago and so far, 100 children out of 196 earned their badges - Well Done!


October is an international WTS month and WOW is doing #WALKFORTHEWORLD social media challenge to support natural habitat and animals across the globe by reducing car emissions.

This challenge is not just for the schools but for parent/carer(s) too!

There are £100 worth vouchers to be won!

Please see the link below how to enter:


International Walk to School Month | Living Streets

The prizes: There are six prizes in total; three prizes for school accounts and three for parents/carers accounts.. School accounts: We have three £100 vouchers up for grabs to buy our Walk to School resources for your school. parent/carers accounts: We have three £100 vouchers from a sustainable children clothing brand.





W O W t he W AL K T O S C H O O L chal l e n g e Joi n t he FUN! 2021/22 Get involved on social media: #WALKTOSCHOOL @LIVINGSTREETS LIVINGSTREETSUK LIVINGSTREETS

School Travel Policy

Overcoming barriers to cycling and scooting to school - a guide for schools

November 2021


15th to 21st November 2021 - Road Safety Week


18th November 2021 - Beep Beep! days

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