Respect - Collaborate - Grow




Our curriculum will teach our pupils to respect others, which begins with ensuring that pupils value themselves, others and the wider world.


This begins with our first theme within our Early Years provision, which focuses upon what makes each of our pupils special and unique. We then develop this through our PSHE lessons, which open with a whole school assembly and are built upon in individual classes with a range of follow-up activities. At the end of each week, teachers celebrate successes with a weekly certificate given to children within the class.


Our School Council ensures that the voices of our pupils is heard and that children have an opportunity to help make decisions across the school. We believe that in order to be able to respect and value themselves and others, our pupils must see themselves reflected within the curriculum.


Our library aims to include books which share stories and tell the histories of influential figures from different races, backgrounds and gender. Our Y6 pupils will also take part in the highly successful Community Cards scheme each summer, provided by the local PCSO, which teaches the children about different aspects of our local community such as the fire or police service.