Dorney School

The Little Village School with a Big Heart

PTA Firework event

There is a famous saying that a ‘picture says a thousand words.’ We have two pictures that say so much more – they tell us that we have an amazing PTA who managed to draw a crowd of 400, they tell us that we really know how to organise a proper Fireworks Night and it also shows us how, together safely, we have pulled through a time of such hardship, struggle, and adversity. The pandemic is not over yet, but Saturday night is a promise of days (and nights) that are to come. Thank you so much for all your  support, to Mr Mark Donovan, our site manager and to everyone who helped on the night. I am, as always, privileged, and humbled to lead this school and its community.

All funds raised on Saturday (update: on first count, the PTA has made a profit of  £3134.05) and in recent and upcoming events will be going towards funding an all-weather extension outside the Year 1 classroom. This would enable our younger pupils to engage in outdoor learning and continue the provision from their Reception year. As you have noticed, we currently use a makeshift pop up gazebo, full of holes that will not withstand another storm. The school has already selected the company who will erect this   bespoke extension. I will update you when we have received an approximate design.

PTA School Calendars

There are still 160 school calendars for sale. They have been designed by the children across school. Please support our PTA by purchasing these calendars. Each calendar cost £8 each or £14 for 2 copies. Again, monies raised will go to the project described above. A huge thank you to Mrs Charlotte Hobbs for her efforts in organising and selling the calendars. You may purchase these calendars by emailing the PTA at number of calendars you need. They make perfect Christmas and Birthday gifts especially for families and friends.