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Children's Mental Health Week - Update

I am so pleased to report on how engaged your children were to raising awareness on mental health. The subject is not limited to the week but is something we consider each and every day. Here is some feedback from class teachers:

Year 3

Year 3 enjoyed a daily session with some powerful messages that can help with all our mental health, being belted out to some popular songs for us to dance along to. We have realised that healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand in hand! The various themes were then discussed including not being afraid of recognising what is great about us, who can support us to grow and engaging in activities which help us just to focus on the moment. Mrs Cox's favourite quotes by the children of the week were: 

“I am great because of my reading” (by a child who one year ago would constantly tell me they could not read).

“Not everything is easy but I always try to find a reason to be positive which helps me feel less sad”

and finally....

 “I feel really lucky to have these people to lift me up, and I hope people know that I would happily be in their balloon to make them feel better too”

Year 5

The children have enjoyed listening to how we can 'grow' our mental health through being engaged, being grateful and managing our own emotions. The children delivered (or will deliver) their cards today.


This week children have created support balloons, they all thought about the people in their lives who are important to them and who support them. These are hanging in our classroom and the children love telling everyone who is in their support balloon.

We have read lots of books that talk about feelings such as ‘Sweep’ and ‘The Colour Monster’. These have been great discussion points about how we are feeling and what helps us to feel better. The children came up with lots of ideas about how to feel better, such as finding our friends or family and taking a deep breath. We have also completed some ‘cosmic kids’ yoga sessions and work out videos and talked about excursive and being active helping us to feel good.

 Year 4

This week Year 4 have really enjoyed creating our support balloons. We thought carefully about who can support us when we are finding things difficult. We also had great discussions about people and pets who you might not always see, but they are there to support you in different ways.'

Year 6

Listening to other people's stories about how they have coped with mental health has promoted key conversations about tools to help with anxiety and stress.  Looking at how different communities manage their feelings in a world that remains racist, developed much talk regarding tolerance, and links to how the world behaved decades ago and how today our children and young people are more accepting of difference.

 Year 2

 In Year 2, we created support balloons to identify the people who lift us up. This lesson was great as we were able to name family members, staff members and friends who support us in difficult times. All children then had the opportunity to share their support balloons with the class and talk about who has helped them.