Respect - Collaborate - Grow




Our pupils will grow and find their place in the world.

Dorney pupils will encounter inspiration and positivity throughout their time at the school. A wide range of learning experiences will provide pupils with the chance to see the world and grow towards their aims. Visitors to the school, such as Reverend La from St James the Less Church, topical guests such as Paralympic swimmers supporting Sports Relief or regular visitors including students from Burnham Grammar School and Eton College will provide our pupils with positive role models from a range of backgrounds.


We also intend to develop links with local businesses, such as Heathrow or the Slough Business Estate, to ensure that children connect with and learn from some of the greatest minds in business.


The school instils a growth mind-set and positivity into all of our lessons, by teaching the children to use the 5 Bs and develop independence and a resilient approach to their learning.