Respect - Collaborate - Grow

Class Three

Hello and welcome to Year 3!


We are now in the first year of KS2! It is going to be a very busy year and I am so excited to be your class teacher! We are very lucky to have Mrs Hughes this year to help us!


Our PE Days this year are Tuesday and Friday. It is really important that you bring your PE kit with you every week, and leave it in school for the week. Please remember to bring the correct Dorney PE kit!


Our library day this year is on a Friday, where you will be able to go and select a book from the library to read!


This year, we are slightly changing the way we select reading books. You will take home one book and you will be able to change it on any day you want! We are working really hard to teach you how to change your own books this year now you are in Year 3!


Our home learning comes out on a Wednesday and needs to be back by the following Monday – home learning that is not brought in on time may not be marked. Spelling folders come out on a Friday, and need to be returned the following Friday where you will be tested and new spellings will be given out!


I cannot wait to go on your learning journey with you!


Miss Davies

Year Three teacher

End of Year Picnic


Year 3 have been learning about making sandwiches this half term. As an end of term treat, we used what we had learned to design our sandwiches and had a picnic together! We even played in the park and had a lovely afternoon in the sun! What a fantastic end of term treat for everyone! Big thank you to Wariyam's Mum for treating us to some ice pops which helped us cool down after playing in the sunshine!  


Rock Investigation


Year 3 had a great afternoon using all their knowledge about rocks to sort them according to their properties! We linked rocks that were permeable, ones that were smooth, ones that were rough, ones that were sedimentary and ones that were similar colours! We had to explain all of the links we had made clearly, as Miss Davies said there were no right or wrong answers, we just had to clearly explain our reasons why. It was a lovely way to investigate rocks and show all that we have learned so far this half term in our science.