Respect - Collaborate - Grow

Class Six

Welcome to the Autumn Term of Year 6.


This term will see Year 6 enjoy a variety of new topics, investigations and small project work. Here is an overview of our main focus:


In Science they will enter the Dragons Den and through group project work design and make a set of festive lights, understanding how different electrical circuits work. There is always great excitement when a project unfolds and group work is involved, especially as they have to present their inventions at the end through the format of the Dragons Den.


We have turned the clock back in English, studying Historical Stories, starting with the ever popular War Horse. Although sad, the children are keen to read and understand the world at that time and how animals were an important part of the war.


Number and place value, mental subtraction and addition start our term in Maths. A good way to recap on topics learnt in Year 5 and consolidate that knowledge before we head into uncharted territory and the Year 6 curriculum, e.g. multiplying fractions!


Isalm is our topic within RE, looking at their beliefs and practices. We are getting quite good at knowing a variety of beliefs and practices within different faiths and are always grateful for the cultural knowledge our children have within our mixed school community. We all love hearing about exact practices and what our children are involved in themselves. It brings real life to our lessons. And, we love a story in Year 6!


Located as we are close to the River Thames and the Jubilee river, what better than to have a topic in Geography on Rivers? We will look at how rivers change from their source to the mouth and hope to head out on a field trip to the Jubilee River to collect some raw data on the area we use for Walk to School. Obviously we are all very excited about being out and about.


PE - please ensure all kit remains in school all week. As usual I aim to be outside as much as possible before the weather changes. Invasion games are on our agenda this term and we are trying to get a little tennis in while the weather holds.


With best wishes

Mrs Barnard