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Class 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Class Teacher: Mrs J Barnard

I always use to think, say and be proud of myself that I was a Northerner, born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire many moons ago, but realised one day that I had spent the majority of my life in the county of Berkshire!  Perhaps an honouree Southerner after all.  Starting my employment life as a junior in the Halifax in Leeds, I soon became aware that London held a more exciting lifestyle for a young twenty-year-old and so my move South began.  Kensington High Street branch was my first place of work down South, as a Department Head, then a move to the lovely Shepherds Bush saw me take the role as Branch Manager.  Having the urge to be a backpacker, I left London and made my way to Australia, where I spent a year working and travelling and fulfilling a dream, travelling home via Hawaii and America.  Heading back to London, I picked up my financial background and after a while settled into a position with O2.  I have worked in Corporate Finance for many years, had my own business selling chocolate and later on, took a journey into education (must be nearly ready to retire!)  Many of you know that I had three beautiful daughters, who still keep me busy, but when it is really time to relax, I am a self-confessed sun worshipper and beach lover, who loves to travel the world.

PE DAY for Year 6

will be: Monday


Year 6 - Christmas Activities

Dorney's First Virtual Assembly reaches Australia.


What a fantastic way to remember all those who have fought in wars, lost lives and saved the day, than, to welcome visitors from around the world to our Year 6 Remembrance Assembly on Wednesday 11th November 2020.  Such an amazing feat to have reached Australia, not once but twice, to Grandparents and Aunts connecting with us on Zoom, to enjoy our first virtual assembly at Dorney!


I have been surprised and overwhelmed by the Lest We Forget projects, that our Year 6 children have written.  Exploring family ancestry and bringing to life stories from the past to share with everyone.  There are so many fantastic testimonials of bravery, long service and decorations made by The Queen to our extended families here at Dorney, that it makes me feel very humbled and honoured to have had the opportunity to read and be part of discussions about the family lives of our children in Year 6.


John Maxwell Edmonds is credited with authorship of a famous epitaph in the War Cemetery in Kohima which commemorates the fallen of the Battle of Kohima in April 1944 - 


When you go home.  

Tell them of us and say, 

For our tomorrow, 

We gave our today.


A poignant reminder that we have a duty to keep these memories alive in our future generations and support them to understand that our freedom is on account of many millions of lives that were lost and to remember that there are thousands that still fight to keep us safe today.


Thank you all so very much for joining our lovely Year 6 on Remembrance Day.


With kind regards,

Mrs Barnard