Respect - Collaborate - Grow

Class 5

As we start our first Summer term, I am hoping that Year 5 have been busy creating Ancient Egypt artefacts over Easter to launch our History topic for the next 6 weeks.  In general the children love this topic, they are very interested in discovering the history of ancient pharaohs and their tombs and enjoy learning about extracting brains via the nostrils!


Through our balanced argument topic in English , I hope that the children will learn the techniques of looking at both sides of a debate and be able to write a structured piece that will grow their ability to reflect and see compromise within their lives.  Writing our parody of Jack and the Beanstalk is always fun as the children enjoy being able to alter a well known fairy tale and engage some comedy into their writing.


Our topic for Science runs across the whole Summer term and is Living Things and their Habitats.  We will start this large topic by creating a green wall and hopefully will watch it grow and develop over the coming weeks.  Through this we will be able to discover what is needed in the plant world to survive and how different plants develop.


PSHE takes on board the subject of Relationships, which can be tricky at times, but hopefully the children will engage with this important subject and offer insightful comments to open debates and learn to respect that others may be different to themselves.


We have taken a look at Sikhism before this year, and now we will take a look at this faith through their commitments.   As part of this topic we will review our own commitments and that it is a matter of personal choice whether you commit of not.


Salvador Dali is our focus within Art this term.  The children will review his work and the reasons behind his decision to paint as he did.  There will be the opportunity to create personal work in the style of Dali.


PE sees us heading outdoors for the Summer term.  This is the time to update our rounders skills and start thinking about athletics and tennis.  The children love to be outside, so please ensure that their PE kit is in school all week.


And finally, we will continue to share Music with French - recapping days, months and the weather alongside learning about composition of music at the movies.


Mrs J Barnard

Year Five Teacher


A great day was had by all at the Burnham Grammar Primary Liaison Day!