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Class 5

A message from Mrs Ross-Wood and Mrs Chaggar


Hello Year 5!


We hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy.


This is a big change for all of us and we certainly miss coming to Dorney School, teaching you, collaborating together and seeing your sunny smiles.


Hopefully, you are managing to settle into somewhat of a flexible routine. Finding the right balance at home between self-discovery (things that you are motivated to learn from and do) and the distance learning tasks we set you is important. Equally, take the opportunity whilst the weather is fantastic to be outside when you can; exercise, paint, craft, build. Like us, you will need to be imaginative and we are excited to hear about your time at home.


We have enjoyed seeing you active on Purple Mash, reading your writing tasks and checking in on progress made within your 2do tasks. Do continue to make sure you read the instructions clearly and use this as your success criteria. Ask yourself if you have included ALL of the detail you have been asked. If you have been given a word bank in a writing task, please use this as a prompt to guide your writing. Remember, careful writing, punctuation, spelling and grammar is still important. We will continue to set weekly tasks for you. Some will be quick quizzes and games whilst others should take a little longer. Aim to spread these out across your week so that you can take care with them and only submit them once they have been carefully checked. Stay as active as possible on TTRS and look out for battles between your friends and teachers!


This week, at the Ross-Wood house, we have been finding out about The Romans and Bald Eagles! Today, my son built a shoe-box habitat and found out facts about these birds. My daughter painted a picture of Boudicca and we acted out the story of Romulus and Remus. The stick insects have settled nicely here. Cheese is growing well; we measured her yesterday and she is nearly 10cm! Almost too big for the tank. Pickle is only 6cm and far less confident than her sister.


In the Chaggar household, we have been enjoying time in the garden and have taken part in the daily Joe Wicks PE sessions. My daughter wrote a newspaper article on the battle of Troy, we designed a labyrinth using string and tried to find different angles around our house. We also baked some yummy cakes, recipe given by Mrs Robson (Yr 1!)


All the very best.

Mrs Ross-Wood & Mrs Chaggar



Welcome to Year 5!

We are a keen class of 30 enthusiastic learners! We are ready to challenge ourselves in our learning this year, to set high expectations and collaborate together to make the very best of our opportunities.

Our class teacher on Monday-Wednesday is Mrs Ross-Wood who, is a very experienced KS2 class teacher and will be drawing on our wider interest to motivate us in our learning. Mrs Chaggar will teach in class on Thursday and Friday she has worked in Upper Key Stage 2 for a number of years and is excited to lead us in developing a Growth Mindset and PSHE.

In support of our daily learning in the morning, we are very fortunate to have the extensive experience of Mrs Lockwood in Maths and 
Mrs Thompson in English; they already know us well and are excited to work with us.


Mrs Ross-Wood and Mrs Chaggar

Year Five Teachers

Year 5 Overview Spring term 1 2020



Link to the English workshop:

'Harvest Heroes'


On Tuesday 15th October, Dorney School became ‘Harvest Heroes’ with a generous collection of tinned and dry foods for the Maidenhead Foodshare. The food bank currently help around 300 people each week who are unable to afford a proper meal and we are delighted to collect our donation of more than 700 items! Dorney School are hugely proud of our families in showing such kindness in support of others in need. The children were also excited to measure individual class contributions – the longest line of goods was in excess of 9m!

Mrs L Ross-Wood

Year 5 Teacher