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'Thank You' from Slough Foodbank


Dorney School

Dear Children & Friends of Dorney School,

Thank you to the children and supporters from Dorney School for your recent HARVEST support. We receive such positive feedback from our clients about how grateful they are to receive food and basic toiletries and household products. We want to convey our enormous gratitude to all the people who have made it possible to continue providing this necessary service to our local people.  Clearly we could not do this without your support.

Thank you for your donation, which we received on 02/11/18. It weighed a total of 108.0 kgs. As a guide to how your donation helps, 10kg of food items will supply a single person with three days of emergency food.

Should you wish to make a further donation we attach our current needs list. This is always updated on our website at

Slough Foodbank does more than only offering a short term hand-out by providing food to meet an unexpected crisis. We also provide information about many specialist organisations able to help resolve our clients’ longer term problems. In this way we hope to offer a lasting hand-up as they make a positive move into the future.


With thanks and best wishes

Christine Griffin

Donations Volunteer

Slough Foodbank