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New Playground September 2018

New school playground equipment

As part of our commitment to giving our children the very best experiences, we have been working with children to improve play opportunities. During last term the School Council took time to ask each year group what new equipment they would like to see in school. The children’s responses were then carefully recorded and an option was eventually arrived at.


Work began on the playground at the beginning of this term and after a few small hitches, the work is now complete. A rota has been organised for each class and the children have been enjoying their new playground which we hope will promote independent play, adventure and skill development.


Important Reminder: During the school day, we have very clear rules about behaviour and the use of outdoor equipment. Adults are outside with children during each break and lunchtime. Parent/Carer(s) are responsible for their own children before and after school – for insurance reasons please do not allow your children to use the school play equipment in the playground at the beginning or end of the school day. Thank you.


A few quotes from the children:

"I love it! It's so fun!" - Joseph

"I think it's brilliant" - Lilly           "It's amazing!" - Luka             "As fun as the biggest water-slide" Amreet

"Really amazing" - Celyn