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Music Assembly

On Friday 11th January, Ash Whitelock arranged an assembly for parents and students in our school hall. Mr Griffiths, Mr Brooker and Miss Smith were on hand to support pupils during the afternoon performance. This was a fabulous experience and a great opportunity for us all at Dorney to see and hear the talented musicians we have in school. Pupils played a range of instruments from guitars, drums, pianos and ukuleles. We also heard some lovely singers too!  Well done to everyone who took part.


"Miss Smith here,
I teach Singing and Piano lessons at Dorney school and I love being part of the Rise Up Music performance assemblies. Last week we saw Percussionists, Guitarists, Ukulele players, Recorder players, Pianists and Singers performing both Contemporary and Classical repertoire. I always say to students that music should primarily be about your own enjoyment and a great way for expressing yourself, however the flip-side to the beauty of playing music is performing and sharing it with others. Finding that inner confidence to get up in front of people and show them a song you have been working hard on can be very daunting, but that huge feeling of accomplishment afterwards works wonders for confidence. I love seeing the progress from a student’s first assembly to their third or fourth as the ability to override their nerves get stronger with each performance."