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Adventures in the Antarctic

Dorney School was pleased to welcome Lt Cdr Doug Owens, the operations officer on the HMS Protecor, the Royal Navy Ice Patrol Ship in the Antarctic on Wednesday, 28th February. Lt Cdr Owens led the most interesting assembly regaling tales of his adventures in the Antarctic and talking about being an ambassador to Great Britain in the world’s most southern region. He talked about working with many international organisations including the World Wildlife Fund and organisations that seek to preserve wildlife and understand how to preserve and protect our planet.


He enthused the children to learn more about the region by talking about it’s geography, history and scientific research too. By the end of the assembly, Lt Cdr Owens had inspired a new generation of Navy servicemen, geographers, scientists, conservationists and explorers. He returns to HMS Protector next week and the school and community wishes him and everyone on board a successful expedition.