High Expectations - Aspirations - Enjoyment

Class 5

This term in Year 5 we are looking at Forces in Science.  We will be investigating the how gravity pulls objects towards earth , as well as the friction surfaces make when rubbed together.


We stay close to home with our History topic - looking at Our Local Area - Windsor.  The children are excited to find out about the history of the area that we all live so close to.


Great excitement swept the class when the children were told they would be using junk to make models of rockets in Design and Technology.


In English we are looking at writing instruction and explanations, poetry and our first class text - Charlotte's Web.


Our topic for RE is The Christmas Story - but not as you know it!  The children will be looking into whether they believe the story is true and looking back for valid and reliable evidence from history.


PSHE takes the form of Getting On and Falling Out.  A tricky topic at this age, but I hope that it will give some children more confidence and help them all realise that life is easier when you simply get on with everyone!


And finally.... we are looking forward to Snowflake Day in early December and the KS2 Carol concert later in the term and any other exciting visits or guest we may have in the meantime.