High Expectations - Aspirations - Enjoyment

Class 5


Year 5 are going to start the new academic year with a bang.  Quite literally, we are studying violent volcanoes in Geography and hope to make our own and watch it erupt!  


As part of our topic on space we will be researching the Solar System and how the planets move around the sun, shadows and how the moon waxes and wanes.  We spend an enjoyable, creative afternoon creating paper maiche planets and this year I would like to see some rockets go up on display too.  


We head to Sherwood Forest for our English topic where we dive into the legends of Robin Hood and his Merrymen.  A lovely topic, much enjoyed by the children.  We write about the key characters and their relationship with each other, our views on the escapades of Robin Hood and start to develop our writing covering one of the more popular legends from the past.



Maths starts with the topic on Place Value and further topics can be seen on the Year 5 Overview of the term on our website.  One of the most important things the children can do this year is to learn their times tables.  We have found it really is key to everything.  We have very regular mental maths tests and tables grids as starters to the maths lesson.  Any support you can give your children in this area will be so beneficial to them.  not knowing times tables can be a real stumbling block with all four operations in maths. If your child finds this difficult - see if they can learn them a different way. e.g. learning the simpler 

tables then doubling the numbers up.  There are lots interactive websites for learning tables.


PE - a huge favourite of most children.  We start on ball skills and build up our skills set to play team games.  Please ensure your child has their own PE kit in school from Monday 8.45am - Friday 3.15pm.  This is so important that the kit remains in school as teachers may decide to swap lessons due to weather forecasts or other ad hoc interventions within school.  


Art - a lovely topic on Architecture.  The children will be researching famous architects and designers from across the world, looking at their masterpieces and developing their own painting in the style of their chosen 

architect or designer.


PSHE - a gentle opening into New Beginnings.  Getting used to speaking and listening in class and further developing respect and diversity within the class on thoughts and ideas.


French and music will take alternate weeks, so we can fit them into our very busy curriculum.  We begin with the French high street and naming shops that we might find there.  An opportunity for those children who have been on holiday there this summer or already know a little french to practice their pronunciation.


RE - this term will be begin with Sikhism and their beliefs.  We will look at what is important in their religion and how they celebrate and worship. children will have the opportunity to share their own religions with the class and help us all to understand the difference faiths in the world.


I hope the children are excited to start Year 5 and I am very much looking forward to having them.


Mrs Barnard