Respect - Collaborate - Grow

Class 1 (2015-16)

Welcome to Year One!

Teachers : Mrs Leuzinger and Mrs Forrest

 Welcome to Year 1 and the beginning of your child’s journey into the National Curriculum. Your children have been given a fabulous foundation and are definitely ready for this next stage of their learning. I am so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm all the children have brought with them into Year 1 and so we are ready to face new challenges and to have much fun along the way. We will be looking at how the seasons change through the year and finding out about the world around us, starting small and gradually widening our experiences. There will be the obvious focus on the basic skills for reading, writing, speaking and listening and maths aiming to develop capable learners ready to go into Year 2 at the end of the year.


Year 1 is a very interesting year group as we have to bridge the gap between the Foundation stage and Year 2. At this end of the year we still have plenty of time to play as the children learn much through these experiences.

I have high expectations for your children this year and will do all I can to get the very best from each and every one of them. If you have any concerns or questions then please speak to me or arrange an appointment. I have already had many offers of help for which I am very grateful. Thank you.

I hope you and your children enjoy this year as much as I intend to!
Mrs Leuzinger.